Wednesday, June 23, 2010

louis vuitton..

sneek peak:
louis vuitton

love the brown canvas bag

i want to be in the first row so badly.. i mean its a big deal to be
in the show..
theyre really amazing and they have like great model, clothes, accessorie and all
that, they're just amazing and they do the good job for making it perfect.
i love the color splash-dyed bag..ooh i gotta need that bag.. it could be timeless
if i got it.. louis vuitton or marc jacobs invite me...
i was"daydreaming" that i was in gthe show


  1. I love those LV bags. Oh, to be in the front row would be a dream come true.

  2. the first i noticed were the dyed bags.. especially the one with green and violet.

  3. @lee: yes it is a big dream come true.. we hope so..

    @kc: oh yeah i like it too. its really cute..